I’m excited you’re here! Welcome to the extra-ordinary world of me, LeToya Williams.


The world of the poetic mother, artist wife, and wom(b)an writer.

My passion for writing and art started in grade school.  I did’t really take a liking to writing, nor did I realize I was good at it, at the time; however, drawing gave me comfort. I didn’t have to think of the words to express my feelings, I could just feel and create.

Throughout the years, writing essays and speeches was a breeze while for my friends, they thought it torture.  I never really saw myself as a writer or artist, because I did not understand just how creatives made a living.  It wasn’t until after years of studying business management and entrepreneurship that I realized my life was missing something and writing was it.  Business was fun to learn about, money was good to make but there was still an emptiness in me that couldn’t be filled with zeros.

I had neglected my gift, even as a hobby by this time.  I was wasting my god-given talent, and all for what?  To learn how to get a job making someone else’s dreams come true?  To learn how to run the rat race?  Was it really just all about money or what job I could get?  Or could I actually do something I loved to do, make a decent living and be happy, maybe even change the world?  That’s when I decided I would write.   No matter how long it takes, or the avenues and off-road journeys I have to travel, I will never again throw my passion aside for convenience or comfort.

Needless to say, though I was dedicated, I quickly became frustrated.  While my craft was shelved, I’d become rusty; not only that, I had also become stale.  I hadn’t grown or evolved in my word composition.  I was writing the same old love songs (or in this case poems) from when I last put down my pen.   Still belching out redundant blues identical to years past.  And at first, for a while, I questioned if writing was really, actually, truly MY thing after all, and honestly, apart of me is still unsure.

The only thing I am certain, is that someone’s written words has shaped the very world in which we all live.  Art has changed the way we imagine and think for centuries.  Everything in our everyday lives is influenced in some way by a bold, brave person who was courageous enough to let their inventive, artsy, literary voice be heard.  At this point in my life, I choose to no longer silence my voice.

So whether you want to dive into some of my PenzPoetry or just kick it with another woman who gets you and understands the joys and pains of being Simply A Woman this is the place for you.

Thanks again for stopping by…