…to the poetic mind of a word pornogropher that is me.  PenzPoetry is the brand behind the little woman with a big vision.  I love spoken word poetry and a simple drop down tab was not enough to showcase my work, so I decided to dedicate a page to my love, my art, my passion…..POETRY……..

Watch, read and follow along as I share my deepest thoughts, fantasies, realities and emotions through the avenue of poetry.  My journal isn’t even this juicy…..Ride in my brain car as I drive you to a destination unknown until you reach the end of the ride; the last period.

Hey, you!

yes you that is reading this page

before you enter

please take off your shoes

kick back, maybe burn a little sage

enter into the realm

where thoughts can speak,

letters can walk,

and syllable serenity sounds so sweet

You are on the journey

with no particular stop

and no set destination

hold on to your seat

prop up your feet

and slide into this poetic relaxation……

*Disclaimer* photos and videos that are not credited to myself, will have links attached to direct you to the photographer.  Also, all written works published are the intellectual property of LeToya L. Williams.  Please do not steal work and not give credit.  Thanks!

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