Not knowing where to really begin with this ‘Hello’ without sounding dry, boring and cliché so I will just write my hearts intention; which is to try to introduce myself and my blog. This blog will consist of writings covering plenty of different topics but focusing on relationships (family, marriage, friends), positive and uplifting messages and stories, as well as, random thoughts that I believe most people have but fail to put on paper, where it can live forever. LOL.So, let me tell you a little bit about me. I grew up in Atlanta, was born there also and am the eldest of 5 children.  Being the oldest had its perks, I got to move out before everyone else, and I got to have my own room; other than that, being oldest SUCKED! I had to hear how I was the ‘example’ for my younger siblings through what was supposed to be my ignorant years of teenage-dom. I should have been expected to embrace my immaturity and foolishness versus act mature and adult like at 15.  The exclamations: ‘Why am I the example?  They aren’t my kids! and, I’m only a child myself!’ stayed imprisoned in my mind because I didn’t dare let those words escape my mouth or else I would have been picking some of my teeth up off of the floor.  So, I kept my lips zipped and made it to adulthood with all of my teeth and a decent relationship with my mom.

I took writing lightly a lot in my life simply because I could do it effortlessly.  Needless to say, teachers complimented my writing until I attended college. But instead of following my gift and what I knew I was talented in, I went down Path B…Business Management.  Unless I was planning on writing a book, or being a TV anchor I didn’t see how writing could earn me as large a bank account as business.  The idea of entrepreneurship fascinated me though, and the possibility of making money, starting from the bottom, building a business, essentially lured me away from my art of scribing.  I dabbled in writing as a hobby, journal entries, letters to ‘bae’, and poetry that had dreams of gracing a stage if I weren’t so darn afraid.  So writing became just something for me to do when I felt I had nothing else to do.  The problem with that was, no matter how much I wrote and thought I had run out of things to say, I could always find a way to add more words or write something new.

After half-finishing college, partying my scholarship and GPA away, I had to bite the bullet and move back home.  Finding out I was friends with Mary Jane (a few months after moving in) pushed me out of my mother’s 3 bedroom townhouse apartment and into my aunt’s (who also smoked) place.  During this time I was working 2 jobs and I didn’t see anything wrong with relaxing. Heck, I deserved it!  Post-promotion at one job, I quit the other, and moved into my own place with a couple of cousins.  Let’s just say we learned how much we didn’t like each other very quickly.  Immediately following that disaster, my bestie and I moved in together.  That blew up in our faces tremendously, but thankfully we remain great friends until this day.  Fast-forward to my last step up the retail-management ladder, earning enough money to live on  my own; I did, which turned out was the best option for me.  During this juncture, I dated here and there, and finally I met my husband.  We married 2 years later, bore two children along the way and recently celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.

A few months ago, I also entered another decade (30s) of my life, and this new attitude of :”I have nothing to fear, and I am tired of holding myself back!” came over me.  I was tired of working a dead-end job, that was keeping me drained and away from my kids, and not to mention incurring daycare expenses. I was FED-UP with my choices and went over in my head how many things I had given up on in my 20s. 10 years of my life gone and nothing to show for it, was all I could think about.  And when I tried to remember a reason why I didn’t do something, it was always out of fear.  My husband had no clue what was going on with me; I kept it to myself because I didn’t want him to see me as a failure (not that he would but, you understand).  After beating myself up and channeling my inner being, I encouraged myself and challenged myself to take a leap of faith and trust God and the plan for my life that is His. I had tried it on my own, hadn’t rendered much; it was time to let Him drive.  And that day I decided to quit my job and truly start living before life passes me by.

Divinely interjected, coincidentally, or however one may attribute the blessing, that same week, my husband received a raise at his job that would supplement my income and allow me to stay home with the kids and put everything into this writing thing, MY writing thing. So here I am..each day I accomplish something, like this first blog post for instance, I feel more satisfied.  Even though I have only made $6 in the first 2 weeks of this new journey, I’m happier.  Even though I didn’t do all those things in my 20s, maybe, just maybe it was all leading up to this one moment.  The moment where a switch turns on and the motor starts roaring, I have realized who I am, what I want; even though I my not have all the directions, I have a destination, as well as the drive to get me there.  This moment, where its all or nothing and if I don’t fulfill my dreams, it’s only my fault, nobody else’s.

I hope this gave you insight as to who I am, my personality, made you reflect, chuckle, smile, or maybe even warmed your heart just a pinch. Either way, I hope you come back and check out more posts as they become available and share your findings with your friends.

With that being all, I formally introduce myself;



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