It Was the First Time….Edgars Story (Part 1)

Edgar’s Story

It was the first time but it wouldn’t be the last that my mom didn’t allow me to go to my dad’s.  I remember every instance.  Ever since he met and married his new wife, when I was 9, and had my step brother, things haven’t been good.  She is mad all the time, and they are always fighting; over me.  I like to think that they love me so much individually that they can’t help but fight for me.  It was all I could use to make it through the cussing matches and domestic incidents that took place almost every time I was supposed to spend time with my father. 

Why is my mom so against me and my dad having a relationship?  I know he isn’t great at paying child support but he’s my dad.  

I hear her talking with her friends about how much of a deadbeat he is and doesn’t do anything for me.  But he does do a lot for me; she just doesn’t want to see it.  When I can’t talk to her about guy things, he has advice, just for me.  When I talk to him, he’s like my dad but also my friend. I understand he and my mom didn’t work out, but why didn’t she just move on like he did?  He’s happy and despite what my mom says about him, he loves me and wants to be apart of my life.  Money isn’t anything to me.  I’m 13, I will be a man soon. I can make my own money.  But I can never replace the time in my life without my dad; and my mom doesn’t understand that. 

Because she is still so angry at him for things that happened years ago, I don’t get to see him nor my little brother but maybe once a month.  I just want my father back in my life.  I don’t care about money, its times my mom can’t buy me things, or that I can’t do when she doesn’t have money, but that doesn’t make her a bad parent.  When I am with my dad, he takes care of me.  He’s not rich but he does love me.

No matter how close me and my dad get, its not enough for her to stop hassling him about money; for her its more important than my and his relationship.  One of my friends told me that his dad is in jail for not paying his mom.  I don’t want my dad to go to jail. He is not a criminal.  If he is in jail then I nor my little brother can spend time with him.  My mom and I take trips, and do lots of things together.  Why can’t I experience that with him too.  As much as she may not like me saying this, I don’t feel what she is doing is right.  But how do I tell her that? Doesn’t she care or at least should care, about how this makes me feel?

I love being around my dad.  He’s MY dad and I just want him in my life. 

All these years, she has told everyone he doesn’t want to be in my life when in reality she is keeping me from him and all for what? Money.

th853SJRASI would never do that to my child. I would never keep my child from its mother because of money.  I wish she would just stop being so mad.

He doesn’t say bad things about my mom.  He actually tells me how great she is and tells me how I should behave and make her proud.  But I wonder why she can never say anything nice about him.  She had to like him at some point in time, I mean, they had me.   I love my dad and I just want my dad in my life.  After all, he is MY dad.  Right?!

It wasn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last time that my mom interferes in the relationship between me and my father.  Holding me hostage for child support ransom…

When all I want is my dad.









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3 thoughts on “It Was the First Time….Edgars Story (Part 1)

  1. I was so touched Son.There’ll be soon a day when things will get better.Stay strong.One day you’d realise. No matter what He’s your father and she’s your mother.She must be not wanting to lose you,coz you maybe the only one for her.
    All the best ☺


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