Through Stained Glass

Though you put a smile on

I know you are so sad

I act like I don’t notice

don’t want to make you mad

On your way to work each day

you beat the hot pavement with high heels

rushing, click-clacking, hurry hurry

no concerns with how you feel

though you are tired,

I see your strength

though you are weary

you do not bend

though you fell empty,

you fill those around you

oh how I wish,

you would see me.

but I am happy just to watch you.

I wonder where your drive comes from

where within you does it lie

I want to kiss your soul

to the deepest depths

where lines blur and time fades

and no one cares,

because you

you are a beautiful

stained glass window

stressed and broken

only to be made into

an original work of art.

I see you through the glass

and I just wonder

when will you see me.


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