His First Dance

eliHis first heart beat gave me life.

I never knew a love like this before

his first cry filled my lungs

with the breath of God

and the first sight of his eyes

opened a window to my soul

his first words spoke to my heart

with his first crawl he courageously

grew my love for him

the first clap of his hands

was legendary music to my ears

with his first step he walked into

the world of being a big boy

coloring his first page,

I saw the creativity in me

writing his first word

singing his first song

bopping to his first groove

His first time riding a bike,

His first day of school

brings tears to my eyes to think

one day there will be no more firsts for him and I

for he will soon be a man

and my job will be done

all these moments; quickly fading memories

He went to his first dance,

and it was my first chance

to see the child I have raised thus far

be social, and fearless

smart, kind and brave

to me, it was something to prove

it seems that every first in his life

has brought back lost recollections of my own youth


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