Oblivious to the Obvious

The world we live

we hate the reality

fate, destiny, karma

the ideals of fantasy

we are totally oblivious to the obvious

that things are not as different

as we once thought them to be

they say that racism no longer exists

that line isn’t in my life’s movie script

everywhere I turn I still see

its firm-ly planted

by the rivers called greed, America,

when police were created to capture slaves

obvious, history, 20/20 vision

hind sight illusion

police brutality disproportionate among blacks


no matter how reports analyze

and come to the same conclusion

White privilege, obvious

No one set of people as a whole

benefits to the magnitude of whites,

pick and choose

when the rules

of the game

do and don’t apply to them

and who does and doesn’t have rights

those decisions up to them.

When will we acknowledge

the obviousness of racism

and the oblivious power of love

to comfort those in need

and those searching for peace and unity.

peace is not the absence of war and chaos

but the middle ground both sides choose to stand

to put aside all differences

agree to disagree

because its clear that we all need on another

and that’s an understatement


Letoya Williams/PenzPoetry


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