Unravelling at the Seems…

I used to think my lifethLE7KIT1V

would be a replica of the great American Dream

But like tattered clothes

hanging on by shreds,

that fantasy began to tear at the seems

The seems of equality

hiding in plain sight

the seems of beauty

because my skin aint white

the seems of love

which turn out to be fake

the seems coming apart

undone, raw steak

blood stained flag,

of the red, white and black

history rewritten in the seams,

not knowing what’s fact

home dont feel like home

there’s no place like it

nostalgia, i just wanna go back

to the place where i knew myself

a point in time, before my mind

was so consumed with ignorant wealth

in a world that supports being like everyone else

Who am I? who was i? who have i become?

I need to remember, i need to go

I need to return to where I’m from

I was tricked into thinking

my life would be a replica of the American daydream

But smoke and mirrors

magical illusions

are all I have gotten

or so it seems….

-LeToya Williams (c) 2016.


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