Always smiling, holding hands.  Love, the wonderful fantasy and dreams of our childhood.  Love, that feeling of butterflies with your high school sweetheart. Far fetched imaginations of our youth.  Growing up, most of us thought of movies and television shows when we pictured falling in love.  Long kisses and walks on the beach.  Nothing but bliss.

Whether daydreaming about a distant love or the love for a parent or sibling, we all enjoy the feeling of being loved.  As girls we are taught the paradox that love doesn’t hurt.  Mothers warn their daughter against boys that could potentially break their heart.  Fathers threaten eager young boys to not hurt their daughters, or else.  Though our parents taught us the warnings of love, through that same affection they disciplined us in our folly, all in the name of…you guessed it, LOVE.  Maybe it was just me, but I never felt like my mom loved me after she straightened me out.  As a matter of fact I felt the complete opposite.

Until we acutally grow up, and experience the emotion for another being we consider our own; a significant other or child, even a friend; we do not truly come into the understanding of that fact that love hurts.  It hurts in every aspect of the word.  And that pain has a domino effect on your heart, mind, spirit, and sometimes your physical state.

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect love’.  There is no relationship where two people feel deeply for one another that doesn’t errupt and have its rough times every now and again.  There is not a time where one person will not hurt the other; be it intentional or unintentional.  Hurt is apart of love.  That’s what makes it so grand… That is also why we long for it.

Lets not mistake me here.  If there is abuse and the fights outweigh the fun times, then by all means that relationship is toxic and you my dear need to rid yourself of it.  But the tough times are what pull us together and make us stronger.  The fights help us grow.

Although we like to think of only happy times in relationships with our husbands or friends, don’t forget to reminesce on some of the hard times as well.  Because those are the reasons real love lasts.  Those are the things that make or break relationships.  The good times only gives us memories, the times of conflict gives us the opportunity to grow our love.

Most of every thing we do is wrapped up in our love for it.  A love for writing, helping people, or whatever the passion may be.  No matter what the love is, that love will hurt at some point; it will get uncomfortable, and uncertain.  But the wonderful thing about love is that, love is a powerful force.  And the strength of it can and will hurt us, but that same power will also heal us. Tomorrow, when you awake, think love.  When you walk out of your front door, be love.  Love is what makes the world go ’round.  If we lose everything else, what will always remain is, our ability to love one another.


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