Dear Poetry,

Every first love was written about somewhere; whether in a poem, book, or on the tables of someone’s heart, first loves are never forgotten.  That goes for both good and bad experiences.  So, in like fashion, I realized I’d never written a poem to my first love.

Dear Poetry,

I loved you the first time we met

everything about me

my weirdness, yet unique

you made me feel so special

you accepted

my flaws and fails

bumps and scars,

you loved them as if they were your very own

Never judged me,

always comforted me

even when I was in the wrong

I love you…

I just wanted you to know

you are an awesome friend

next to my notebook and pen

which could be the back of a receipt or a napkin

depending on the place I’m in,

cuz you always seem to pop up

at the most inopportune time

driving, eating,

peein’ or standing in line


if I wait too long to put it down,

I forget the very words,

wait and wait

try to remember,

mind blank;

poetically perturbed

you have truly saved my life

that’s how I know you came from God

when I’m with you

There’s no awkward moments

no sense of feeling odd,

We mesh like sugar

in kool-aid packets,

my writing finger dipping

and tasting the bitter sweetness

of our relationship

the realness shared between us

can’t be matched

together forever

siemese; attached

I truly can’t say enough

about you

words cant even be formed

to express

the joy it brings to my soul

when i sit with you

and write a poem.

Thank You,


Your poet

LeToya “Penz4Lipz” Williams (c) September 2016.


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