I Refuse…

Dedicated to all those that have been sick and tired of being sick and tired but refuses to allow the people (or lack thereof) and circumstances around them to determine their motivation, inspiration and destination.  


It’s hard to hear God,

when doubt is so loud,

it doesnt have to be a soul

within ear shot

but it seems like a crowd,

of folks ready to see you

fail and fall

doubters, haters, misery

is what we like to call


but ironically

they are very much needed

in the head space I’m in,

without support

a true family or friend

I’m bound to trip

and stumble may even break

but aint nothing in this world

more than enough for me to take

my brow may furrow

my teeth may grit

but cant nobody

make me stop doing this shit

Imma keep getting better

for my kids and mostly me,

Dont know how long it’ll take

to become a perfect masterpiece


because I have determination

not letting dead weight

derail my destination

I Am Woman

I am Black

That why i’m so strong

that shit is a fact

i can take the bull

and still rise a phoenix

my life back then versus now,

like the so gone challenge,

A remix…

No need for salutes

or poetic snaps,

cuz like the police

or a man not trying to be a daddy,

i’m rolling in strapped

ready to fire word-bullets




nothing in this life can

take away my will

my will to fight

my will to be free,

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY

will keep me from loving

embracing and revamping

changing and growing


LeToya Penz4Lipz Williams

(c)September 2016


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