Dedicated to: The men going through a situation such as this; To women who are putting their children through this; to kids going through this. Daddy’s matter, so men continue to fight. Women, take a step back and truly examine if keeping your child(ren) from their father is actually worth the damage. And kids, continue to love your dad.  You will learn as you get older that your father has never and will never stop loving you.

Nobody said a thing when his ex-wife

moved away with his kid.

Under the guise of re-marriage,

in contempt of court

is why she really hid.

She thought she had all the power

and the system basically agreed.

Claiming the best interest for the child

But yet keep her from him; his seed.

Just because you’re a woman

it doesn’t give you exclusive rights,

but the system has nothing for fathers

like hers, who’s willing and trying to fight.

Just to hear her little voice,

or even see a simple pic,

selfish deadbeat mothers really and

truly make me sick!

Using control of the mind

to play their little games,

not truly caring about the child

do just what the white man has trained;

to neglect and reject the black man

while yet they rape us behind closed doors,

you don’t need you a black man

He’s worth nothing;you’re worth more.

Courts giving all favor to the “mothers’

who’s abusing the child in the worst way.

Stealing her mind and filling it

with pure negativity and paternal hate.

Of a father whose chest she slept on nightly

before you 2 were divorced

She has brothers, she’s never met

but to you that doesn’t matter of course.

So bitter at the past, like when you trashed his clothes

or threatened to ruin his life

but what you didn’t factor in,

was him having a loving and supportive wife.

See your past is no different from his,

it’s tarnished and full of holes.

But only his mess smells like sh….

and I guess yours glitters gold?!

You have a reputation of doing this

you tried the same thing with the last husband you had,

but he wouldn’t let you get away,

skip town, and rob him of being a dad.

You act like you’re an immaculate mom

a facade, your mask, plenty see right through.

But won’t say a thing because they know

there probably no point in saying it to you.

Nobody will tell you you’re wrong,

but let us not forget

the glue that holds;

the bond between

a child and loving parent.

You can’t keep her away forever,

In time she will come to know,

The reality of who her mother is

and why she had to grow,

up without her father

I know you’ll blame it all on dad,

for the loneliness she’s coped with

from such an early age;

how sad.

That you never thought of her

more than a game of Monopoly

Trying to buy up all of her

intellectual property.

In hopes of erasing the fond memories

of the man she once knew

ever so intimately,

that til this day she can still smell the aroma

of daddy on his shirt

while she rests,

on his chest,

and dreams of a life,

as a fairly tale princess.

Yanking her from her fantasy

replaced with nightmares and terrors.

Longing to be daddy’s little girl again,

that urge will last forever.

And when the day comes;

when light finally reveals the dark,

she’ll know without a shadow of doubt

That she’s still the girl of daddy’s heart.

And no matter her age,

or number of years she lived without him,

your bitterness will consume you

and love shall prevail and win!

Oh mother, oh mother,

how can you do this to your kid?

Before she ever has her first relationship

you’ve wrecked her thought of men,

What if I told you the consequences

of some of the things you’ve did.

Like increase her chances by 50%

of teen pregnancy and suicide.

No father around,

searching for love

looking for it in all the wrong guys.

Longing for them to make her feel

like the baby she once was,

safely cradled in his arms

finding peace in her own arm

solitude in sex and drugs;

“Hold me daddy.”

“Protect me.”

“Hold me and never let go.”

You have lessened her chances of success,

and adversely affected her more than you know.

heightened the likelihood of running away

whether only in mind

or it actually comes into fruition,

anger and aggression, becomes her life’s repetition.

A marriage headed straight for divorce,

wedlock babies created in the lustful nights,

now a baby mama of course.

More likely to be raped and molested,

are you happy with yourself?

Minimizing your child to numbers and statistics.

at 8 she already needs mental help.

At some point though, you will have to be a real mom;

accept your responsibility and your faults,

be real with yourself and move on.

cuz the victim here ain’t him

although you’d like it to be,

because you know he loves

and misses his only daughter;

co-parenting is a 2-way street.

Stop giving excuses for being lazy

and not putting forth the effort

in raising your child right,

with her mother AND father in her life,

there is no “winning” this proverbial fight.

She is not a game,

or a chess piece to be gained,

she is a person; created.

That’s why she looks like him

and carries his last name.

Stop being a baby mama

my sister you are better than that

you should be tired of all the drama

unnecessary;lack of maternal tact.

See a mother is more than just a title

it’s all about what you do,

so be careful what you are showing your daughter

because as you point the finger at daddy,

3 more are pointing back at you.

(c)LeToya “Penz4Lipz” Williams, August 2016.


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