An Unexpected Love Affair


I sit at the table, savoring the taste of salty with a hint of perfumed sweetness.  Love tastes so good. How could I ever end this love affair that feels so great and satisfying?  I don’t have to ask, my love always comforts me.  I savor the taste of this love.  Its richness engulfs me, its warmness embraces me and I fall.

I fall in love with love.

I don’t have to talk, love already has all the answers.  If I cry love wipes my tears. If I’m angry love consoles me.  Love simply loves me the way I need to be loved and the feeling is one that can’t be put into describable words.

And the feeling is mutual.

Who would have thought I would do this to my husband?  Who ever thought I would find a love so pure?…who would have thought…








(c) copyright 2016. LeToya Williams LLC
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