Tensions in America are extremely high.  Economically, rich versus poor, racially, white versus black, and politically, democrats versus republicans versus liberals; everyone is just so upset.  Seems to be more like the Divided States of America.  But the sooner we realize, Black people experience racism, we all have to live together, that we all need one another, and only once we come together as a people can we fight the real problems, we will stay “Mad-merica”.


Everyone is just so mad!

Mad at the election

mad at friends

mad, cuz they didn’t realize

that just cuz you vote,

don’t mean your choice will win.

Mad because you voted for Trump,

or because you voted for Hillary,

like there weren’t other names on the ballot,


The whole election process is a sham

yet in it we still try to believe,

But how many times will Amerika show you

that they don’t care about you or me?

Our skin deems us at the bottom,

its there they want us to remain,

Democrats, Republicans, point the finger

for the state of black America who is the blame?

There once was a time of taxation

where  the people had a voice,

No vote without representation,

what happened to that American choice?

Twice removed like your 5th cousin

on your mother’s side.

Racism, you thought it was dead

just put on a disguise;

a new form of slavery,

a new way to hide.

When will we learn

to take care of our own?

The concept of unity we once had

lost in the shattered pieces of history, gone.

Trying to pick up the pieces

of who we are as a people

and then glue them back together

using that roll-on stick

that just doesn’t seem to stick

unless you are Anglo-American

you just don’t fit.

NO! to the Muslims,

NO! to the hijab.

But where’s a NO to police brutality,

NO to another unarmed life robbed?

NO to the Mexicans,

build that wall!

No to the poor

give nothing to them at all.

NO to the gays,

NO to the blacks,

NO to the Natives,

take their land back.

When will we get tired,

and decide to bond as one?

Against the monster of capitalism,

become the rabbit with the gun.

Turn power on its head

and give it back to the people.

but who will stand in the face of fear

civil rights was merely the prequel.

50 years of complacency;

killed all the radicals.

Forgot what we were fighting for,

too long of a sabbatical,

time to take our place black folk

time to take our place whites,

No matter your race

its time to stop acting as if,

we don’t know how to treat other right.

Stop being so mad at someone’s choice,

color, or sexual orientation.

This country  is in dire need

of a love infestation.

How about you take that anger

and use it to make a difference,

make the world a better place

for the future kids’ existence.

spread a little more love,

none of us are better than the next

because we are all deserving of equality,

freedom, and respect.


(c) copyright November 2016. LeToya Williams





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