Can you imagine, a country where freedom of speech doesn’t give one the right to spew racism and disrespect?  Can you see a day where Black people feel and are actually treated equally?  Sometimes, especially being Black, it’s hard to imagine there will ever be anything different than what it has always been in America, but change is inevitable, and that is where many people’s hope lies.  it’s much easier to embrace the change than to fight it.  I mean really, haven’t we fought long enough?


Signs going off all around us,

but no one’s paying attention

Age of information technology

what’s really going on?

not a care

in most American’s brain retention

Because we are just carelessly

“day dream, I fell asleep against the flowers

for a couple of hours”

but instead of hours its embedded in our brains

like youtube codes,

Kunta to Toby,

you can hear it in our names.

distracted by an illusioned election

alluded by truth of racisms’ interjection

even though in plain sight

its hiding in our own reflections

the recurring past of the nation

that was once revered as great

built on lies, deception, betrayal

selfishness, greed and hate

what is this, the founding forefather’s

idea of a grade school prank

we have been hypnotized by the star spangled banner,

red and white alternating bars

holding us captive to the dream

brainwashed chants, words repeated amiss

America, unravelling from the

ill fitted seams

“I pledge allegiance, to the flag”

more solidarity with a piece of fabric

than the people; just sad

“of the United States of America”

more divided than united we stand

“and to the Republic, for which it stands”

the same Republic where the

freedom of speech is not afforded to a black man

“one nation under God,”

tuh that’s a joke within itself


unless you are afforded the wealth

with liberty and justice for all…”

Just. us. before. all….

Justice. for. none. at. all.

more people imprisoned than the world combined

Cash cow system,

we see it like we are blind

terrible education, lack of unity

no wonder we are so behind

taxation without representation

fogged memories of a time

Too bad history simply repeats

going fast forward just to rewind

American daydream

if only the dreamers were

more inclined

to snap out of their gazing

and put their efforts behind

a real American dream…

of minimal racism and hate crimes

practice true freedom

and honest equality

no more dreaming of those days

but living it too

America day dream

I am dreaming of you.

(c)2016 by LeToya Williams

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