Looking around us, violence, tension and rage running through the veins of all those seeking peace, justice and a sense of equality, as well as those seeking dissention.  It’s as if we have broken the glass of life and  are trying to glue the oddly shaped pieces back together.  But no matter what we do, we just can’t seem to make the pieces fit.  Something. is. wrong. here.

If we all stood and looked through the scattered shards of our individual worlds, we will see that each of us hold some of the very same broken pieces.  Fragments of a love gone awry, crumbs of pain from loss, parts of fear from the unknown and disappointment. We are all carrying different pieces of the same puzzle.

Strip each of us of our material possessions and what would be left?  A bunch of naked people that look differently on the outside (of course), but are essentially the same.  At some point in all of our lives, we all have felt alone, depressed, sadness, happiness, and a plethora of other feelings that we each encounter individually.  There are only two main things that really separate us from one another: 1. our egos and 2. our beliefs.  We allow pride to cloud our hearts and beliefs to justify our prejudgements of others.

We dread the idea of agreeing to disagree, because our egos are so big they have a mind of their own.  And before we compromise and respect one another, we’d much rather fight to be right.  Is that really the world we want to live in?  Is that really the world in which we want to raise our children?

Everyone wants to be loved and respected for who we are, minus judgment and criticism, from those we know and those we don’t.  No one really wants to be laughed at for things we can’t change, or characteristics we were born with. The very things that make us special, also makes us freaks and weirdos.  The very things we think makes us so abnormal, are what ties us to everyone else.  Maybe being abnormal is the perfect definition of being human; being normal.  We all fear the end of this life so why not take advantage of it and appreciate the vast diversity that lies in the people, places and experiences we face daily.

Like shattered pieces of glass, each piece takes on its own shape.  And with the right amount of love glue, a little time, and a willing attempt to fix that which is broken, we can and will eventually fit our broken pieces back together.



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