Sitting on my bed, staring at the blinking cursor and the five black words typed on the screen, I can’t figure out what to type.  Backspace and releasing a huge sigh of ‘I don’t know what next’.  I switch windows and check my online store on Etsy and Facebook.  Nothing on those either; no visitors, no clicks, no nada.  Tears begin to fill my eyes, “what am I doing with my life?”  Before a tear can drop, I hibernate my laptop. close it and grab my pen and notebook.  I begin writing the three-letter-word that sums up my mood:



My online store not selling ish

my blog, nobody read’n; it

my Facebook pages

are dry as hell

I feel like I am sinking

I need help

no amount of prayer

or research or writing

has produced anything,

I’m tired of fighting

for my spot

for my place,

all my eggs in all these baskets

then egg on my face…..

I need something,

but I don’t have the money to buy it

I need a mentor

but nobody is willing to try it

at least not for free

how can I survive

this industry

if I have no support

and no guide

I have a bad formula

and my patience is running thin

I’m running out of gas

don’t feel I’ll ever win

I am tired

I am working

I am making no movement up

I’m just frustrated

I’m just frustrated

but I’m not frustrated enough

to give up.

(c) 2016 by Letoya Williams

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