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Penz4Lipz is an idea created by me, LeToya Williams.  It is centered around the idea of taking one’s spoken words and putting them to paper.  People can say a lot of things but writing things down, but it is what makes them stick.  The Bible tells us in Habakkuk 2:2 ‘write the vision, make it plain.’  Whether its the law, business, or simple feelings, words expressed in written form tend to have a longer lasting effect on the readers.  Love letters have led to blissful marriages, small businesses have grown into multibillion dollar corporations, even justice and freedom are served with a stroke of ink.  ‘The pen is mightier than the sword” is one of the truest statements ever said and the epitome of Penz4Lipz.  Without writings and stone drawings, most of history would not be known to us today.  There would have never been a future and we probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the invention of writing.

Storytelling was the oral passing down of history used by ancient civilizations, but many things change when a message travels from person to person.  As a child, recall playing the game ‘Telephone’ where one person, usually the teacher starts a message by whispering in the ear of the child next to her.  The child then presumably relays that same message on to the person next to them, and so forth.  This repeats until the message reaches the last person in the circle, who then speaks the message aloud for all to hear.  10 times out of 10, the final message was nothing close to the original.

Simply put, writing lasts forever.  Well, maybe not that long but its shelf life is much longer than simple speech.

I am a mother of two boys and a lovingly annoying wife, who recently dived into freelancing as my primary career.  No more just hobby writing; Full Time scribing. Blogging, articles, poems and creative stories are my favorites to write and I love writing about God/spirituality, love and relationships, and social ills.  But I consider myself a jack of all trade; essentially, I know I can write anything I put her mind on.

Aspiring to one day be a New York Times Bestselling author, I hope my blog helps people learn more about not only me, but most importantly themselves; through the messages of my posts (which sometimes may not be clear).  My blog features various reads, and is a place for anyone 12-77, from any walk of life.

I believe everyone should “Be bold enough to speak, but be even bolder and write it.”  Something special happens when pictures are describes with adjectives and nouns and words are put to paper.  Life seems to be breathed into them.  Suddenly a thought becomes an art masterpiece and words become beautiful poems and colorful stories.

In the day and age where everything typed on social media and the internet lives with us until we die, it takes guts to write something that essentially can never be changed or taken back.  So why not seize the opportunity to make our marks on the world NOW!?!

“Maybe I will inspire someone, maybe I won’t.  Maybe I will make just one person laugh for only a moment, or shed a tear from their hearts.  Maybe I will simply make people ‘feel’ something again.  It doesn’t matter what I do, small or great I intend to do it with all of my heart and hopefully to the pleasure of God.”

God has a special place for each of us in this world, the reason so many problems exist are because some of us dropped the ball on what we are supposed to be doing.  Our greed for more, wealth, and riches usually overpowers our longing for wholeness in doing something right and worth while.  I decided to pick my ball back up and play the game of life.  When we interject God’s plan we effectually interrupt our purpose.  My only goal in life is to come as close as possible to fulfilling my purpose.  It should be everyone’s goal.

“So I’m leaping without a parachute, trusting God to guide my footsteps as I try to travel the road that I feel He has for me.  And I pray along the way that I touch lives.”

With this new leash on life, there is no idea where LeToya will turn up next.

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