NFL: Not a Fan any Longer

Why I can no longer support the NFL.



My online store is not doing ish my blog, nobody reads my ish, my Facebook pages are dry as hell I feel like I am sinking I need help no amount of prayer or research or writing has produced anything, I'm tired of fighting for my spot for my place, all my eggs in all … Continue reading Frustrated

8 Things to Remember While Holiday Shopping      Many people embark on the holiday season ready to shop; relentless in getting exactly what they want.  This usually leads to the spirit of attitude, anger, and anxiety filling the air, smothering the Christmas spirit. Here are eight things to remember when shopping this holiday season. "The most … Continue reading

  Signs going off all around us, but no one's paying attention Age of information technology what's really going on? not a question in most American's brain retention Because we are just carelessly "day dream, I fell asleep against the flowers for a couple of hours" but instead of hours its embedded in our brains like … Continue reading


Dedicated to: The men going through a situation such as this; To women who are putting their children through this; to kids going through this. Daddy's matter, so men continue to fight. Women, take a step back and truly examine if keeping your child(ren) from their father is actually worth the damage. And kids, continue to love … Continue reading B.M.D

Retail Chronicles #1: “The customer is NOT always right”

It's Saturday, the customers are flowing in and have been since unlocking the store doors at ten o'clock.  "I don't know why these people are so ready to come spend their money on these cheap ass shoes."  Pat mumbles while briskly walking through the swinging door into the stock room.  They keep the left shoe … Continue reading Retail Chronicles #1: “The customer is NOT always right”