Retail Chronicles #1: “The customer is NOT always right”

It's Saturday, the customers are flowing in and have been since unlocking the store doors at ten o'clock.  "I don't know why these people are so ready to come spend their money on these cheap ass shoes."  Pat mumbles while briskly walking through the swinging door into the stock room.  They keep the left shoe … Continue reading Retail Chronicles #1: “The customer is NOT always right”


The boys…(part 1)

"Darnell!" Thomas yells. "What man?! Why you always calling me like it's an emergency or somethin'? Darnell asks rhetorically. "Look what I got!" Thomas is removing a DVD with the name of the movie man written on it in blue permanent marker from its clear case. The rainbow reflection bounces the sun's light on the … Continue reading The boys…(part 1)